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    The Burdenko Method

    The Burdenko Method is a practical application of water and land exercises founded on a holistic healing style of rehabilitation, conditioning, and training. The Burdenko Method of water and sports therapy was created by Igor N. Burdenko Ph.D. The theory behind the Burdenko method is that water is a wonderful healer and an ideal medium for treatment of all kinds of physical ailments and conditions. The properties in water present an excellent environment for gentle and efficient therapy and conditioning. With minimal weight bearing in the water, the client is able to exercise with little or no stress, this in turn will enable them to return to their everyday activities promptly and safely. The Burdenko Method is based on a scientific approach and more than 40 years of extensive experience working with a large base of people. It is not just a set of exercises, it is a system.

    At Back On Track, our therapists will employ the Burdenko method by teaching our clients how to exercise in the water. We will set up a regimen of exercises that will help condition and promote better health. We will focus on the following areas during the therapy: balance, flexibility, coordination, speed, strength, and endurance. The Burdenko Method is optimal in water temperatures of 86 to 88 degrees, but can also be very successful in temperatures of 92 to 94 degrees.

    Our Promise to You

    We encourage patient independence and self-management using preventative education, lifestyle modification and wellness strategies. Back On Track Physical Therapy is serious about bringing value to each and every treatment, and being a part of your solution for long term health and wellness.

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