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    Individualized Treatment Plan

    At Back On Track the individualized treatment plan is the cornerstone to each client’s therapy. At our initial meeting with a client, we sit and analyze their diagnosis and assess their condition. We comprise a thorough list of concerns in order to create goals. Our therapists, in partnership with the physicians, generate a treatment plan to address all of the client’s issues. It is a scientifically founded plan in order to focus on the individual’s needs.

    Back On Track’s physical and occupational therapists will begin by collecting a thorough patient history. Then they will complete a detailed valuation of the problem including strength, balance, sensation, reflexes, range of motion, proprioception, mobility, coordination, joint mobility, pain and swelling. At the following visit, the therapist will assess the client’s condition by performing several neurologic and/or orthopedic tests to assist in the creation of a rehabilitation diagnosis. Frequently, doctors will recommend clients with a basic description of the problem. For example, the doctor may suggest a prescription that points to lower back pain. The assessment performed at Back On Track can aid in verifying from where the pain originates that is causing the lower back pain. Our therapists will target whether the pain is a sacro-iliac joint dysfunction, a muscle strain, or disk involvement.

    Reducing pain, restoring function: for Back On Track therapists, this is why they love their job. It starts the first day.

    Besides the special tests, our therapists will manipulate the afflicted muscle tissues and joints to appraise the situation and determine the best treatment regimen. Our therapist will assess the client’s posture, check the structure of the spine and joints for symmetry. It is necessary to establish the client’s level of activity prior to the injury or surgery including a complete history of their condition. During the consultation, the therapist will evaluate the client’s lifestyle, this is particularly important if the living situation calls for assistance at home. The therapist attains meticulous details of the client’s home life — how far is the drive to work, how many stairs in their house, how many steps to get into the house, physical activities such as lifting heavy objects at work, etc.

    In the individualized treatment plan the therapist composes an all-inclusive knowledge of the client’s injury or condition. They evaluate the client’s previous level of function, the run-down on the history of their condition, and the exact issues that they face in their readjustment to everyday life. Jointly, the therapist and the client determine the client’s rehabilitation capability and construct a set of solid goals in writing for lessening the client’s occurrence of pain and restoring the client’s mobility to the best extent. By adhering to these set goals, the therapist and client follow a specialized treatment plan directed to the client’s individual goals for normal daily activity. Each phase of this plan has concrete, quantitative goals in a reasonable time frame for charting the client’s progression. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, the therapist starts the treatment plan and healing begins right away.

    Our Promise to You

    We encourage patient independence and self-management using preventative education, lifestyle modification and wellness strategies. Back On Track Physical Therapy is serious about bringing value to each and every treatment, and being a part of your solution for long term health and wellness.

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