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    Arthritis sufferers are offered a wide range of treatment modalities at Back On Track. Our therapists will work with affected joints to reduce pain and return motion and functionality to these joints. Client with arthritis will be treated with a program that includes fluidotherapy, electric stimulation, and paraffin wax treatments. When inflammation of the joints occur, very often the surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons become a secondary source of pain. Burdenko aquatic therapy and warm water therapy are essential treatment options for many arthritic conditions. The bouyancy of the water allows patients to regain freedom of motion, taking weight off the joints, while the warm water relaxes muscle groups connected to inflamed joints.


    Arthritic clients find exercise to be a critical part of their treatment. Normally as arthritis progresses, clients will experience an overall loss of muscle tone and flexibility due to a reduction in their level of activity. Proprioception therapy, stretching, strengthening, and endurance training are necessary parts of the recovery process for clients with arthritis.

    Back On Track offers a wide range of treatments prepared for our patients who have suffered a loss of their mobility to re-mobilize them. Functional mobility training, instruction in the use of walkers, canes, or crutches, may be a necessary part of the rehabilitation process to re-educate a body that has been without activity for prolonged periods.

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    We encourage patient independence and self-management using preventative education, lifestyle modification and wellness strategies. Back On Track Physical Therapy is serious about bringing value to each and every treatment, and being a part of your solution for long term health and wellness.

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